There’s enough stuff in the world to last us years. And, more items are being added to the second hand market every day and shoes are one of them. However, for some people, buying second hand shoes is a ‘No No’ for hygiene or quality reasons. What if we tell you, we’ve found some great tips that will encourage you to give it a try ?

When it comes to buying pre-loved shoes, here are what you can check out for :

– Take a gander at the soles.  Unworn shoes will have clean, unscuffed soles.  If the bottoms of the shoes are scuffed, dirty or worn-down in places, they’ve probably been well worn.

– Check the insides of the shoes for signs of wear.  Discard any shoes that have frayed in-soles or imprints of the previous owners feet.

– The instep of a well-worn pair of shoes may be stretched out or frayed.  If there are signs that the original shape of the shoe has changed (such as stretching around the toes or folding-down at the heel) I wouldn’t purchase them.

Once you’ve selected a pair of shoes that fit well and you’ve taken them home it’s really important to disinfect them before wear.  Even if you plan on wearing the shoes with socks or stockings, it’s a good idea to give them a good clean before their first trip out.  I use a two-step process to clean second-hand shoes before I wear them.

  1. Give the insides of the shoe a good spray with an anti-bacterial spray.  I like to use Glen 20, which deodorises and kills germs and bacteria.  It also dries clear without a sticky residue so it’s less likely to damage the shoe.  Be particularly careful with fabric shoes as the spray may stain or discolour the finish of the shoe.  Try to keep the spray confined to the inside of the shoe if you can.
  2. After I’ve given the shoe a good spray, I’ll put them outside in the sun for a few hours.  Sunlight is a great anti-bacterial agent, and a bit of sun will help to kill off any residual nasties.

That’s it! You’re ready for you next day/night out…