Go for recycled or old clothes this September!

Oxfam, the charitable confederation, has come up with a new sustainable initiative namely ‘Second Hand September’ wherein it urges the shoppers not to buy any new clothes in September.

In its efforts to spread awareness about environment, Oxfam wants people to focus on old or recycled garments this month.

Oxfam has asked those supporting the campaign to sign a 30-day pledge. The pledge reads “We willl give you all the fast fashion facts, second-hand shopping tips and inspiration that you need to make your 30 days of no new clothes a breeze. Saying yes to Second Hand September stops great clothes from going to landfill, thereby giving them a longer life.”

Besides impacting the wallet, shopping severely impacts planet too. It’s shocking to know that more than 6,105 tonnes of clothes are dumped into landfill every week, which is 317,000 tonnes every year.

In Mauritius, Netlab also encourages its 800 000 yearly visitors of its online platforms to take the pledge. Last month, the Group launched dressme.mu, the No.1 platform encouraging individuals to sell and purchase second hand clothing and accessories on the island. There is still a long way to go to change consumption patterns but we are confident that change will come. We take pride in bring an alternative and sustainable solution on the local scene. Educating our existing and future users is high on our agenda. #SecondHandSeptember


Source: https://www.oxfamireland.org/