Working in an environment which fosters creativity and empathy impacts positively on the employees’ morale and thus leads to improved productivity. Created in 2015 by French entrepreneurs Philippe Jaunet and Ludovic Balloux, NetLab offers an inclusive work environment in which workers of all backgrounds and experiences feel welcome. Here’s what to expect if you join the team : 

  1. A  Sense of Purpose 

Other than for their paychecks, employees know what they’re working for. NetLab takes pride in participating in the elaboration of an ecosystem which creates social and societal benefits for all Mauritians using its platforms. The platforms,,,, and are all based on the collaborative economy approach which increases users purchasing power, educating on second-use items and limiting their carbon footprint. 


  • Fun will be an essential part of your work 


We believe in hard work but we also like having fun along the way. We ensure to provide our colleagues with the right environment where they can unleash stress and take a break before going back to work. It’s a bonding time for colleagues and an opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal note which adds to the team spirit. Ready for a baby foot match? 


  • Leaders Lead by Example 


Leaders who set positive examples are a critical component of the success of any business.

NetLab leadership team takes real joy in their jobs. They believe that together with the contribution of their colleagues, it is possible to do good for the communities. Dedicated, loyal and creative, they encourage their collaborators  to live the values of NetLab with the aim of providing quality results. 


  • ‘Carte blanche’ to be innovative and creative 


Innovation is the lifeblood of any business. You will be inspired to create the solutions you need to make your projects successful. Having the right attitude to problem solving is important. 


  • A modern office where you can be the best of yourself 


Located in Tamarin, the office offers the perfect setting for you to be successful in achieving results. NetLab’s platform being led by data. Resources are available for you to work efficiently while enjoying the breathtaking mountain view. Our colleagues do work by the pool from time to time!

Providing the right environment for our colleagues to feel empowered is our priority. We are a start-up with a clear vision and our human-centric approach enables us to lead the Mauritian market in the classified industry.